slang/binding/ directory

Expression and statement definitions.


file AssertionExpr.h
Assertion expression creation and analysis.
file AssignmentExpressions.h
Definitions for assignment-related expressions.
file BindContext.h
Expression binding context.
file Bitstream.h
Helpers for implementing bit-stream casting and streaming operators.
file CallExpression.h
Definitions for call expressions.
file Constraints.h
Constraint creation and analysis.
file EvalContext.h
Expression evaluation context.
file Expression.h
Expression creation and analysis.
file FormatHelpers.h
Helpers for implementing the string formatting system functions.
file LiteralExpressions.h
Definitions for literal expressions.
file Lookup.h
Symbol lookup logic.
file LValue.h
Compile-time lvalue representation (for constant evaluation)
file MiscExpressions.h
Definitions for miscellaneous expressions.
file OperatorExpressions.h
Definitions for operator expressions.
file PatternExpressions.h
Definitions for pattern expressions.
file SelectExpressions.h
Definitions for selection expressions.
file Statements.h
Statement creation and analysis.
file SystemSubroutine.h
System-defined subroutine handling.
file TimingControl.h
Timing control creation and analysis.