slang/symbols/ directory

Symbol definitions.



file AllTypes.h
All type symbol definitions.
file ASTSerializer.h
Support for serializing an AST.
file ASTVisitor.h
AST traversal.
file AttributeSymbol.h
Symbol definition for source attributes.
file BlockSymbols.h
Contains block-related hierarchy symbol definitions.
file ClassSymbols.h
Class-related symbol definitions.
file CompilationUnitSymbols.h
Contains compilation unit-related symbol definitions.
file DeclaredType.h
Glue logic between symbols and their declared types.
file InstanceSymbols.h
Contains instance-related symbol definitions.
file Lookup.h
Symbol lookup logic.
file MemberSymbols.h
Contains member-related symbol definitions.
file ParameterSymbols.h
Contains parameter-related symbol definitions.
file PortSymbols.h
Contains port-related symbol definitions.
file Scope.h
Base class for symbols that represent lexical scopes.
file SemanticFacts.h
Semantic enums and conversion methods.
file Symbol.h
Base class for all elaborated symbols.
file Type.h
Base class for all expression types.
file TypePrinter.h
Type printing utilities.
file VariableSymbols.h
Contains variable-related symbol definitions.