slang::BindContext::AssertionInstanceDetails struct

Information required to instantiate a sequence or property instance.


Public variables

const Symbol* symbol
The assertion member being instantiated.
const BindContext* prevContext
SourceLocation instanceLoc
The location where the instance is being instantiated.
flat_hash_map<const Symbol*, std::tuple<const PropertyExprSyntax*, BindContext>> argumentMap
A map of formal argument symbols to their actual replacements.
SourceLocation argExpansionLoc

Variable documentation

const BindContext* slang::BindContext::AssertionInstanceDetails::prevContext

The previous binding context used to start the instantiation. This effectively forms a linked list when expanding a nested stack of sequence and property instances.

SourceLocation slang::BindContext::AssertionInstanceDetails::argExpansionLoc

If an argument to a sequence or property is being expanded, this member contains the source location where the argument was referenced.