slang::PreprocessorOptions struct

Contains various options that can control preprocessing behavior.


Public variables

uint32_t maxIncludeDepth
std::string predefineSource
std::vector<std::string> predefines
std::vector<std::string> undefines
A set of macro names to undefine at the start of file preprocessing.

Variable documentation

uint32_t slang::PreprocessorOptions::maxIncludeDepth

The maximum depth of the include stack; further attempts to include a file will result in an error.

std::string slang::PreprocessorOptions::predefineSource

The name to associate with errors produced by macros specified via the predefines option.

std::vector<std::string> slang::PreprocessorOptions::predefines

A set of macros to predefine, of the form <macro>=

or just <macro> to predefine to a value of 1.