slang/util/ directory

Various generic utility types.



file Assert.h
Contains assert-related utilities.
file Bag.h
General container of arbitrary objects, keyed by type.
file BumpAllocator.h
Fast allocator based on pointer bumping.
file CommandLine.h
Command line argument parsing support.
file CopyPtr.h
Value-copying smart pointer.
file Enum.h
Various enum utilities.
file Function.h
Function-related utilities.
file Hash.h
General hashing algorithms.
file Iterator.h
Helper classes for working with iterators.
file NotNull.h
Contains the not_null pointer utility class.
file OS.h
Operating system-specific utilities.
file SafeIndexedVector.h
Type-safe indexed container.
file ScopeGuard.h
Contains the ScopeGuard utility class.
file SmallVector.h
Implements fast resizable array template.
file StackContainer.h
Stack allocated containers.
file String.h
Various string utilities.
file StringTable.h
Specialized string lookup table.
file TypeTraits.h
Various type trait template helpers.
file Util.h
Various utility functions and basic types used throughout the library.
file Version.h
Library build-time version information.