slang::CommandLine::ParseOptions struct

Contains various options to control parsing of command flags.

Public variables

bool supportComments
bool ignoreProgramName
bool expandEnvVars
bool ignoreDuplicates

Variable documentation

bool slang::CommandLine::ParseOptions::supportComments

If set to true, comments will be parsed and ignored. Comments start with '#' or '//' for line comments and '/*' and '*‍/' for block comments.

bool slang::CommandLine::ParseOptions::ignoreProgramName

If set to true, don't consider the first argument to be the name of the program.

bool slang::CommandLine::ParseOptions::expandEnvVars

If set to true, expand any environment variables found, with the supported forms $VAR, , and ${VAR}.

bool slang::CommandLine::ParseOptions::ignoreDuplicates

If set to true, don't issue an error if a duplicate argument setter is found.