slang/ast/expressions/LiteralExpressions.h file

Definitions for literal expressions.


namespace slang
Root namespace.
namespace slang::ast
The SystemVerilog AST.


class slang::ast::IntegerLiteral
Represents an integer literal.
class slang::ast::RealLiteral
Represents a real number literal.
class slang::ast::TimeLiteral
Represents a time literal.
class slang::ast::UnbasedUnsizedIntegerLiteral
Represents an unbased unsized integer literal, which fills all bits in an expression.
class slang::ast::NullLiteral
Represents a null literal.
class slang::ast::UnboundedLiteral
Represents the unbounded queue or range literal.
class slang::ast::StringLiteral
Represents a string literal.