slang/ast/ directory

The SystemVerilog AST.


directory expressions/
Expression definitions.
directory symbols/
Symbol definitions.
directory types/
Type definitions.


file ASTContext.h
AST creation context.
file ASTSerializer.h
Support for serializing an AST.
file ASTVisitor.h
AST traversal.
file Bitstream.h
Helpers for implementing bit-stream casting and streaming operators.
file Compilation.h
Central manager for compilation processes.
file Constraints.h
Constraint creation and analysis.
file EvalContext.h
Expression evaluation context.
file Expression.h
Expression creation and analysis.
file HierarchicalReference.h
Helper type for representing a hierarchical reference.
file Lookup.h
Symbol lookup logic.
file LValue.h
Compile-time lvalue representation (for constant evaluation)
file OpaqueInstancePath.h
Helper type for representing an opaque path to an instance.
file Patterns.h
AST definitions for pattern matching.
file Scope.h
Base class for symbols that represent lexical scopes.
file ScriptSession.h
High-level interface to the compiler tools to evaluate snippets of code.
file SemanticFacts.h
Semantic enums and conversion methods.
file SFormat.h
SystemVerilog string formatting routines.
file Statements.h
Statement creation and analysis.
file Symbol.h
Base class for all elaborated symbols.
file SystemSubroutine.h
System-defined subroutine handling.
file TimingControl.h
Timing control creation and analysis.