slang/ast/ directory

The SystemVerilog AST.


directory expressions/
Expression definitions.
directory symbols/
Symbol definitions.
directory types/
Type definitions.


file ASTContext.h
AST creation context.
file ASTSerializer.h
Support for serializing an AST.
file ASTVisitor.h
AST traversal.
file Bitstream.h
Helpers for implementing bit-stream casting and streaming operators.
file Compilation.h
Central manager for compilation processes.
file Constraints.h
Constraint creation and analysis.
file Definition.h
Module / interface / program definitions.
file EvalContext.h
Expression evaluation context.
file Expression.h
Expression creation and analysis.
file InstancePath.h
Helper type for representing a hierarchical path to an instance.
file Lookup.h
Symbol lookup logic.
file LValue.h
Compile-time lvalue representation (for constant evaluation)
file Patterns.h
AST definitions for pattern matching.
file Scope.h
Base class for symbols that represent lexical scopes.
file ScriptSession.h
High-level interface to the compiler tools to evaluate snippets of code.
file SemanticFacts.h
Semantic enums and conversion methods.
file SemanticModel.h
Query semantic information for a syntax tree.
file SFormat.h
SystemVerilog string formatting routines.
file Statements.h
Statement creation and analysis.
file Symbol.h
Base class for all elaborated symbols.
file SystemSubroutine.h
System-defined subroutine handling.
file TimingControl.h
Timing control creation and analysis.