slang/symbols/SemanticFacts.h file

Semantic enums and conversion methods.



namespace slang
Root namespace.


class slang::ClockingSkew
Represents a skew value that is applied to clocking block signals.


ENUM(VariableLifetime, LIFETIME)
Specifies the storage lifetime of a variable.
Specifies the visibility of class members.
ENUM(ArgumentDirection, DIRECTION)
Specifies behavior of an argument passed to a subroutine.
ENUM(ProceduralBlockKind, BLOCK)
Specifies possible procedural block kinds.
ENUM(StatementBlockKind, BLOCK)
Specifies possible statement block kinds.
ENUM(DefinitionKind, DEF)
Specifies possible definition kinds.
ENUM(UnconnectedDrive, UD)
Specifies possible unconnected drive settings.
ENUM(EdgeKind, EDGE)
Specifies possible edge kinds.
ENUM(SubroutineKind, SRK)
Specifies possible subroutine kinds.
ENUM(AssertionKind, ASK)
Specifies possible assertion kinds.
ENUM(ElabSystemTaskKind, ELAB)
Specifies possible elaboration system task kinds.
ENUM(RandMode, MODE)
Specifies possible assertion kinds.
ENUM(PrimitivePortDirection, DIRECTION)
Specifies behavior of a primitive port.