slang/syntax/SyntaxNode.h file

Base class and utilities for syntax nodes.


namespace slang
Root namespace.
namespace slang::syntax
Syntax tree manipulation.


struct slang::syntax::ConstTokenOrSyntax
A token or a constant syntax node.
struct slang::syntax::TokenOrSyntax
A token or a syntax node.
class slang::syntax::SyntaxNode
Base class for all syntax nodes.
class slang::syntax::DeferredSourceRange
class slang::syntax::SyntaxListBase
A base class for syntax nodes that represent a list of items.
template<typename T>
class slang::syntax::SyntaxList
A syntax node that represents a list of child syntax nodes.
class slang::syntax::TokenList
A syntax node that represents a list of child tokens.
template<typename T>
class slang::syntax::SeparatedSyntaxList
template<typename U>
class slang::syntax::SeparatedSyntaxList::iterator_base