slang/ast/symbols/VariableSymbols.h file

Contains variable-related symbol definitions.


namespace slang
Root namespace.
namespace slang::ast
The SystemVerilog AST.


class slang::ast::VariableSymbol
Represents a variable declaration.
class slang::ast::FormalArgumentSymbol
Represents a formal argument in subroutine (task or function).
class slang::ast::FieldSymbol
Represents a field member of a struct or union.
class slang::ast::NetSymbol
Represents a net declaration.
class slang::ast::TempVarSymbol
Represents a temporary variable materialized within a limited scope such as a single expression.
class slang::ast::IteratorSymbol
Represents an iterator variable created for array manipulation methods.
class slang::ast::PatternVarSymbol
Represents a pattern variable materialized for a pattern matching expression.
class slang::ast::ClockVarSymbol
Represents a clocking block signal.
class slang::ast::LocalAssertionVarSymbol
Represents a local variable declared inside an assertion item, such as a sequence or property.


enum class VariableFlags: uint16_t { None = 0, Const = 1 << 0, CompilerGenerated = 1 << 1, ImmutableCoverageOption = 1 << 2, CoverageSampleFormal = 1 << 3, CheckerFreeVariable = 1 << 4, RefStatic = 1 << 5 }
Specifies various flags that can apply to variables.