slang::ast::ConstraintBlockSymbol class

Represents a named constraint block declaration within a class.

Base classes

class Symbol
Base class for all symbols (logical code constructs) such as modules, types, functions, variables, etc.
class Scope
Base class for symbols that represent a name scope; that is, they contain children and can participate in name lookup.

Public variables

const VariableSymbol* thisVar
If this is a non-static constraint block, this is a variable that represents the 'this' class handle.
bool isStatic
Set to true if this is a static constraint block.
bool isExtern
Set to true if this constraint block was declared extern, either implicitly or explicitly.
bool isExplicitExtern
Set to true if this constraint block was explicitly declared extern, which means an out-of-block body is required instead of optional.
bool isPure
Set to true if this is a 'pure' constraint block, once which is required to be overridden in derived classes.