slang::ast::ConstraintBlockSymbol class

Represents a named constraint block declaration within a class.

Base classes

class Symbol
class Scope

Public variables

const VariableSymbol* thisVar
bool isStatic
Set to true if this is a static constraint block.
bool isExtern
bool isExplicitExtern
bool isPure

Variable documentation

const VariableSymbol* slang::ast::ConstraintBlockSymbol::thisVar

If this is a non-static constraint block, this is a variable that represents the 'this' class handle.

bool slang::ast::ConstraintBlockSymbol::isExtern

Set to true if this constraint block was declared extern, either implicitly or explicitly.

bool slang::ast::ConstraintBlockSymbol::isExplicitExtern

Set to true if this constraint block was explicitly declared extern, which means an out-of-block body is required instead of optional.

bool slang::ast::ConstraintBlockSymbol::isPure

Set to true if this is a 'pure' constraint block, once which is required to be overridden in derived classes.