template<typename TDerived>
slang::syntax::SyntaxVisitor class

Use this type as a base class for syntax tree visitors. It will default to traversing all children of each node. Add implementations for any specific node types you want to handle.

Derived classes

template<typename TDerived>
class SyntaxRewriter

Public functions

template<typename T>
void visit(T&& t)
Visit the provided node, of static type T.
template<typename T>
void visitDefault(T&& node)
void visitInvalid(const SyntaxNode&)
The default handler invoked when visiting an invalid node.

Function documentation

template<typename TDerived> template<typename T>
void slang::syntax::SyntaxVisitor<TDerived>::visitDefault(T&& node)

The default handler invoked when no visit() method is overridden for a particular type. Will visit all child nodes by default.