slang/numeric/ConstantValue.h file

Compile-time constant representation.


namespace slang
Root namespace.
namespace std
STL namespace.


struct slang::real_t
struct slang::shortreal_t
class slang::ConstantValue
struct slang::ConstantValue::NullPlaceholder
This type represents the null value (class handles, etc) in expressions.
struct slang::ConstantValue::UnboundedPlaceholder
This type represents the unbounded value ($) in expressions.
struct slang::AssociativeArray
Represents a SystemVerilog associative array, for use during constant evaluation.
struct slang::SVQueue
Represents a SystemVerilog queue, for use during constant evaluation.
struct slang::SVUnion
Represents a SystemVerilog unpacked union, for use during constant evaluation.
class slang::CVIterator
class slang::CVConstIterator
struct slang::ConstantRange