slang/ast/symbols/MemberSymbols.h file

Contains member-related symbol definitions.


namespace slang
Root namespace.
namespace slang::ast
The SystemVerilog AST.


class slang::ast::EmptyMemberSymbol
Represents an empty member, i.e.
class slang::ast::TransparentMemberSymbol
A class that wraps a hoisted transparent type member, such as an enum value or a symbol inherited from a base class, into a scope.
class slang::ast::ExplicitImportSymbol
Represents an explicit import from a package.
class slang::ast::WildcardImportSymbol
Represents a wildcard import declaration.
class slang::ast::ModportPortSymbol
Represents a single port specifier in a modport declaration.
class slang::ast::ModportClockingSymbol
Represents a clocking block port.
class slang::ast::ModportSymbol
Represents a modport within an interface definition.
class slang::ast::ContinuousAssignSymbol
Represents a continuous assignment statement.
class slang::ast::GenvarSymbol
Represents a genvar declaration.
class slang::ast::ElabSystemTaskSymbol
Represents an elaboration system task, such as $error or $warning.
class slang::ast::AssertionPortSymbol
Represents a formal argument / port of an assertion construct, such as a sequence, property, or let construct.
class slang::ast::SequenceSymbol
Represents a named sequence object.
class slang::ast::PropertySymbol
Represents a named property object.
class slang::ast::LetDeclSymbol
Represents a let declaration.
class slang::ast::CheckerSymbol
Represents a checker declaration.
class slang::ast::ClockingBlockSymbol
Represents a clocking block.