slang::ast::PortSymbol class

Represents the public-facing side of a module / program / interface port. The port symbol itself is not directly referenceable from within the instance; it can however connect directly to a symbol that is.

Base classes

class Symbol

Public variables

const Symbol* internalSymbol
SourceLocation externalLoc
The source location where the external name for the port is declared.
ArgumentDirection direction
The direction of data flowing across the port.
bool isNullPort
bool isAnsiPort

Variable documentation

const Symbol* slang::ast::PortSymbol::internalSymbol

An instance-internal symbol that this port connects to, if any. Ports that do not connect directly to an internal symbol will have this set to nullptr.

bool slang::ast::PortSymbol::isNullPort

Set to true for null ports, i.e. ports that don't connect to anything internal to the instance.

bool slang::ast::PortSymbol::isAnsiPort

True if this port was declared using the ansi syntax, and false if it was declared using the non-ansi syntax.