slang/ast/TimingControl.h file

Timing control creation and analysis.


namespace slang
Root namespace.
namespace slang::ast
The SystemVerilog AST.


class slang::ast::TimingControl
The base class for SystemVerilog timing controls (delay, event, etc).
class slang::ast::InvalidTimingControl
Represents an invalid timing control.
class slang::ast::DelayControl
Represents a delay time control.
class slang::ast::Delay3Control
Represents multiple delays associated with a single gate primitive.
class slang::ast::SignalEventControl
Represents a signal event control.
class slang::ast::EventListControl
Represents a list of timing controls to wait on.
class slang::ast::ImplicitEventControl
Represents an implicit event control (i.e. the @* construct).
class slang::ast::RepeatedEventControl
Represents a repeat event control.
class slang::ast::OneStepDelayControl
Represents the built-in 1step delay.
class slang::ast::CycleDelayControl
Represents a cycle-based delay control.
class slang::ast::BlockEventListControl
Represents a list of block events (used within coverage events).
struct slang::ast::BlockEventListControl::Event
A single block event.