slang::syntax::NonAnsiPortSyntax struct
#include <AllSyntax.h>

Concrete syntax definition for a NonAnsiPort.

Base classes

class SyntaxNode
Base class for all syntax nodes.

Derived classes

struct EmptyNonAnsiPortSyntax
Concrete syntax definition for an EmptyNonAnsiPort.
struct ExplicitNonAnsiPortSyntax
Concrete syntax definition for an ExplicitNonAnsiPort.
struct ImplicitNonAnsiPortSyntax
Concrete syntax definition for an ImplicitNonAnsiPort.

Public static functions

static auto isKind(SyntaxKind kind) -> bool
Returns true if the provided syntax kind is represented by this type.

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

NonAnsiPortSyntax(SyntaxKind kind)
Constructs a new instance of the NonAnsiPortSyntax struct.
NonAnsiPortSyntax(const NonAnsiPortSyntax&) defaulted explicit
Copy constructor.