slang::syntax::PathSuffixSyntax struct
#include <AllSyntax.h>

Concrete syntax definition for a PathSuffix.

Base classes

class SyntaxNode
Base class for all syntax nodes.

Derived classes

struct EdgeSensitivePathSuffixSyntax
Concrete syntax definition for an EdgeSensitivePathSuffix.
struct SimplePathSuffixSyntax
Concrete syntax definition for a SimplePathSuffix.

Public static functions

static auto isKind(SyntaxKind kind) -> bool
Returns true if the provided syntax kind is represented by this type.

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

PathSuffixSyntax(SyntaxKind kind)
Constructs a new instance of the PathSuffixSyntax struct.
PathSuffixSyntax(const PathSuffixSyntax&) defaulted explicit
Copy constructor.