slang/ast/types/AllTypes.h file

All type symbol definitions.


namespace slang
Root namespace.
namespace slang::ast
The SystemVerilog AST.


class slang::ast::IntegralType
class slang::ast::ScalarType
Represents the single-bit scalar types.
class slang::ast::PredefinedIntegerType
Represents the predefined integer types, which are essentially predefined vector types.
class slang::ast::FloatingType
class slang::ast::EnumType
Represents an enumerated type.
class slang::ast::EnumValueSymbol
Represents an enumerated value / member.
class slang::ast::PackedArrayType
class slang::ast::FixedSizeUnpackedArrayType
class slang::ast::DynamicArrayType
Represents a dynamically sized unpacked array.
class slang::ast::DPIOpenArrayType
class slang::ast::AssociativeArrayType
Represents an unpacked array that provides associative lookup.
class slang::ast::QueueType
Represents an unpacked array that provides queue semantics.
class slang::ast::PackedStructType
Represents a packed structure of members.
class slang::ast::UnpackedStructType
Represents an unpacked structure of members.
class slang::ast::PackedUnionType
Represents a packed union of members.
class slang::ast::UnpackedUnionType
Represents an unpacked union of members.
class slang::ast::VoidType
class slang::ast::NullType
class slang::ast::CHandleType
Represents storage for pointers passed using the DPI (a "C" compatible handle).
class slang::ast::StringType
Represents an ASCII string type.
class slang::ast::EventType
class slang::ast::UnboundedType
class slang::ast::TypeRefType
Represents the result of a type reference expression, i.e. the type() operator.
class slang::ast::UntypedType
Represents an 'untyped' type, which is used for e.g. arguments of sequences.
class slang::ast::SequenceType
Represents the type of sequence instances and arguments.
class slang::ast::PropertyType
Represents the type of property instances and arguments.
class slang::ast::VirtualInterfaceType
Represents a virtual interface type.
class slang::ast::ForwardingTypedefSymbol
class slang::ast::TypeAliasType
Represents a type alias, which is introduced via a typedef or type parameter.
class slang::ast::ErrorType