slang/ast/Statements.h file

Statement creation and analysis.


namespace slang
Root namespace.
namespace slang::ast
The SystemVerilog AST.


class slang::ast::Statement
The base class for all statements in SystemVerilog.
struct slang::ast::Statement::StatementContext
Additional information passed along during statement creation.
class slang::ast::InvalidStatement
Represents an invalid statement, which is usually generated and inserted into a statement list due to violation of language semantics or type checking.
class slang::ast::EmptyStatement
Represents an empty statement, used as a placeholder or an anchor for attributes.
class slang::ast::StatementList
Represents a list of statements.
class slang::ast::BlockStatement
Represents a sequential or parallel block statement.
struct slang::ast::ForeachLoopStatement::LoopDim
Describes one dimension that will be iterated by the loop.